India Velvet Geometric Gold Applique Cushion Set of 2

India Velvet Geometric Gold Applique Cushion Set of 2

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  • 45cm x 45cm
  • 30cm x 60cm
  • Set of 2 cushion set
  • Exclusive Modern Geometric Pattern Design
  • Handmade Sham
  • Premium & Strong, Long-Lasting Fabrics
  • Eco-friendly & Organically Made
  • Washable & Water Resistant
  • Perfect for Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Entryway, Lounge, Kitchen & Dining, Office...
  • Double Layered Rich Pillowcase

Made of Premium Velvet base combined with First-class Eco-friendly artificial Leather, these cushion covers will surprise you with their combined with Expert Craftsmanship.

Double layered for added luxury and richness, you will witness their quality the moment you touch them.

Moreover, handmade with Eco-friendly and long-lasting fabric, it isn't just for special days, its also perfect for daily use to enhance your comfort to the next level.

With two different sizes and shapes, square and rectangle, it will any location perfectly.